What is charging on hold? How to check if your iPhone is overheating

Have you ever encountered a situation where your iPhone is charging but you see a notification “Charging on hold” (Waiting for charging)? That’s when you might wonder what caused it and what you need to do. In this article, Thanh Trung Mobile will explain to you the feature as well as how to improve the situation of iPhone overheating when charging and the address to replace iPhone battery with quality and reputation.

What is the Charging on hold iPhone feature?

It is a safety feature available on all iPhones running iOS 16 or higher. It displays a warning message whenever the temperature of the iPhone exceeds the recommended operating temperature when charging. This feature also pauses the charging process until the iPhone returns to normal temperature.

This is a very necessary feature, because it keeps the battery safe and prevents it from getting hotter. At the same time, it prevents overheating from affecting other components inside the iPhone

How does Charging on hold IOS 16 work?

Why does the iphone stop charging while charging? When your iPhone is too hot, the operating system will automatically cut off charging to reduce the temperature and protect the battery. You will see a battery icon with a dash and a notification that iphone stops charging appears on the screen. When the temperature drops to a safe level, the iPhone will automatically resume charging.

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How the Charging on hold feature works

This feature is very useful because it keeps the battery safe and prevents it from getting hotter. At the same time, it prevents overheating from affecting other components inside the iPhone.

How to improve iPhone overheating when charging

If you often encounter iPhone charging stop notifications, it may be due to your battery being worn out or using non-genuine accessories. Here are some ways to improve this situation:

Check iPhone battery status

You can check your iPhone battery status by going to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. Here, you will see your maximum battery capacity and peak performance capacity. If your maximum battery capacity has dropped below 80%, it means your battery is worn out and needs to be replaced.

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Check the battery status

Use MFi certified accessories

MFi stands for Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad, which is Apple’s certification for accessories produced by third-party vendors but meets Apple’s technical standards and compatibility with Apple products. MFi certified accessories include charging cables, chargers, headphones, speakers, keyboards,…

Using MFi certified accessories has many advantages such as

  • 100% compatible with Apple devices, no errors or warnings. 
  • Ensure stable and safe performance for battery and machine. 
  • High quality and durable than non-genuine accessories. 
  • Supported and warranted by Apple in case of problems.
Components meet MFI standards

To check if an accessory is MFi certified or not, you can refer to some of the following ways :

See the MFi logo on the packaging or on the product. The MFi logo will have the words Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad and Apple’s symbol. Scan QR code or barcode on packaging or product. If you scan QR code or barcode, you will be redirected to Apple’s website confirming that the product is genuine. Look up on Apple’s website. You can go to mfi.apple.com to look up information about manufacturer, product name and serial number of accessories.

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Replace the battery when iPhone reports maintenance

When an iPhone reports battery maintenance, it means your battery is heavily worn or not supplied by Apple. This can cause situations such as fast battery drain, sudden shutdown or unable to determine battery capacity.

To fix the error “replace iPhone battery new report maintenance”, you can try the following measures:

  • Use genuine Apple batteries: Make sure you use genuine Apple batteries or certified and reliable batteries from reputable suppliers. 
  • Check battery connection: Make sure the battery is connected correctly and tightly to the iPhone. Turn off the iPhone power, remove the battery and reinstall it securely. 
  • Update to the latest iOS: Sometimes updating to the latest iOS can fix the battery maintenance error. You go to Settings > General > Software Update to check and install the latest iOS version for your iPhone.
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iPhone notifies battery maintenance

Replace iPhone battery reputable, quality at Thanh Trung Mobile

If you are looking for a reputable, quality and reasonable price address to replace an iPhone battery, you should not miss Thanh Trung Mobile. Thanh Trung Mobile is a reputable, professional and fast electronic device repair center. You can replace iPhone battery with the following advantages:

  • Components are provided 100% genuine, ensuring compatibility and safety for your iPhone. 
  • The service price is affordable, competitive and transparent. You can refer to the latest iPhone battery replacement price list here. 
  • Repair time is fast, only from 15 minutes to 2 hours depending on the model and battery condition. 
  • Long-term warranty, from 3 months to 12 months depending on the type of battery. You will be supported and resolved any issues related to the battery after replacement. 
  • On-site service, free delivery in the inner city of Ho Chi Minh City. You don’t have to waste time and effort to go to the repair center.
Thành Trung Mobile
Thành Trung Mobile is a reputable address for iPhone battery replacement in HCM

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Thanh Trung Mobile has many branches across Ho Chi Minh City, you can contact Hotline: 0909.650.650 or visit ThanhTrungMobile website for more information.

Hopefully through this article, you have grasped the necessary information about this feature. If you want to replace an iPhone battery with reputable, quality and reasonable price, you can come to Thanh Trung Mobile - a leading electronic device repair center in Ho Chi Minh City. Please contact Thanh Trung Mobile immediately for the best advice and support. Thank you for taking the time to follow the article “Charging on hold

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